First Stage for LIVEEN

LIVEEN X Galaxy S10

1. LIVEEN : Provide my location information and be compensated for its value.

Customers are ready to reward by installing the LIVEEN app. The customer's location information is automatically saved periodically, and the VEEN token is paid to the customer as compensation. And the customer will get more compensation by entering what they have done. LIVEEN leverages and analyzes customers' Big Data. Data is not transferred or disclosed.
So far, customers have provided their data but have not received any compensation. Big dinosaur IT companies acquire their customers' data without any compensation, and they are taking enormous profits from their business through customer’s data. Now, LIVEEN gives value to the customer's data and makes compensation for its value. The data we collect will be used to provide greater value to our customers through big data analysis.

2. LIVEEN ecosystem and our direction

We are creating the LIVEEN ecosystem for customers to use compensated VEEN. In the LIVEEN ecosystem, customers can use VEEN to make donations as well as exchange to real money, purchase various content, exchange for service points and mileage of affiliated partners. We also plan to link with e-commerce.
Customers' data is transformed into more valuable data through LIVEEN's big data analysis. This data goes back to customers through financial and advertising platforms. We would like our customers to have a happy and laid-back life with these data.

3. Value of LIVEEN and VEEN

LIVEEN wants to help the customers who have not generated any data (for example, customers who could not experience the normal financial services because they do not have any financial data). That is why Southeast Asia is the service target of LIVEEN. Starting with Indonesia, we plan to expand the market from Southeast Asia to the Middle East and Africa.
The Goal of LIVEEN is giving a happy life to 1 billion people in the world through LIVEEN's data.
When many customers are happy with LIVEEN, the value of LIVEEN and VEEN increases.
The rising value of VEEN brings another happiness to our customers.
LIVEEN will endlessly endeavor to increase the value of LIVEEN and VEEN.

Check-in, Reward!LIVEEN

Get your VEEN token once you complete the day's check-in!
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When you complete your check-in today,
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Road Map


  • 2018.1Q

    • Whitepaper published
  • 2018.2Q

    • 2nd presale for organizations only
    • LIVEEN day conference
    • World IT show 2018
  • 2018.3Q

    • Launch LIVEEN Beta Service
    • Openingproof of concept


  • 2019. 03

    • Beta Service Closed
  • 2019.07

    • LIVEEN 1st stage version OPEN

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