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The Strategic Alliance

Cashtree and LIVEEN

We are announcing the Strategic Business Agreement with Cashtree, Indonesia's No.1 Mobile Advertising Platform which has 20 million users. This agreement aims to share the Data between Cashtree and LIVEEN. And also the marketing Plan.
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The Value of DATA
: what LIVEEN thinks

Be the real ‘OWNER’ of your data
Giant dinosaur IT companies are acquiring customers' data without any compensation, and with those data, they make a huge profits through various businesses.
But LIVEEN is different. We know who the real owner is.
The location and behavior data you uploaded on the LIVEEN platform is yours.
And LIVEEN will try to add value to your data and rewards you for it.
Transparent and clear reward criteria
Rewards of tokens will be determined through LIVEEN's Value Agreement on User Data.
Customers will receive more rewards by directly entering their data.
We keep your valuable data Safe and Secured
LIVEEN does not open, move or transfer your data.


LIVEEN is preparing two ecosystems
One ecosystem is for the customers to use the rewarded VEEN tokens.
You can exchange your VEEN to real currency on cryptocurrency exchange markets.
You can donate / purchase contents and purchase service points from our partners.
In the future, you can buy goods through e-commerce with your VEEN.

The other ecosystem is utilized by valuable data that has been changed through LIVEEN's big data analysis.
This ecosystem will be delivered to customers in the form of a data platform.
Happiness with data
LIVEEN's purpose with data is only one.
We hope our customers enjoy a happier and more relaxed life.

LIVEEN'S small step for 1 billion people

LIVEEN'S Challenge
LIVEEN wants to be a big help to the people who does not recognize the value of their data and who cannot get the normal service because of lack of data.

LIVEEN is starting the service in Southeast Asia.
From Indonesia, we plan to expand our market to South Africa through Southeast Asia.

LIVEEN's goal is for 1 billion people in the world feel happy life through LIVEEN's data.
LIVEEN’s Value
When many customers are happy with LIVEEN, the value of LIVEEN and VEEN goes up.
And the increased value of VEEN brings another happiness to our customers.
LIVEEN will continue to make efforts to increase the value of LIVEEN and VEEN and the happiness of our customers.

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