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Blockchain-based Rewarding App LIVEEN Beta

Check in and Get Your Coins!

Check-in, Coin in! LIVEEN

Get your VEEN coin once you complete the day's check-in!
  • Check-in
  • Rewards
  • Wallet
  • Profile
Check in at your current location and make a daily log.
You can also keep it under your history.
You can accumulate VEEN coins for checking in.
The coins will then be added up and given
to the users every week.
Manage your VEEN coin with our safe Liveen Wallet.
You can check the balance and transaction history,
and make transfers and deposits. You can also change and back up your wallet.
Read more details about when using a wallet >
Add My Profile and check your ranking on VEEN coin.
You may contribute to a better service
by adding your profile.